Water's Fer Fightin'

Water's Fer Fightin'

Posted by: Copi Vojta / added: 01.02.2013 / Back to Tailgate

Lots has been written, published, photographed and filmed about the desert southwest and the water crisis facing its inhabitants. Remember Roman Polanskis Chinatown? How 'bout Mark Reisners Cadillac Desert? Wether it is in regards to blowing up dams(Ed Abbey), David Brower and Floyd Dominy floating down a river, together, in the same boat(John McPhee) or more recently, Jonathan Waterman and Peter McBrides journey from source to sea in The Colorado River, Flowing Through Conflict, it becomes quite evident that the Colorado River is held in high regard within many of our hearts, and that it is facing some serious problems. In continuation of the discourse regarding water in a drying desert, the Colorado River and the challenges we currently face comes WATERSHED Expoloring a New Water Ethic For The New West.

From Executuve Producer, Robert Redford:

"If we see the Colorado River as just a river, we are overlooking a natural engine that powers both our economy and our environment. We created WATERSHED to raise awareness to the idea that this river is the canary in the coalmine. If business, government and citizens come together and make some changes, the mighty Colorado can continue to serve us.”

If a screening comes to your neighborhood, check it out and tell a friend, as it's not just the Colorado River that's in trouble and if the water is in trouble, the fish are in trouble.


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