Surface Film: Third Annual Edition of Awesome

Surface Film: Third Annual Edition of Awesome

Posted by: Copi Vojta / added: 01.20.2013 / Back to Tailgate


T-minus and counting.

Mark off the calendar, call in sick, call in well, hire a helicopter, go Greyhound, hop a frieght train, hitchhike to Denver, road trip to Denver, ride your donkey, mermaid or unicorn(I'm opting for the Amtrak, personally). All of the above are acceptable options for your travel arrangements to get your butt to the third annual Surface Film III Photography Show.

February 7th is the big opening night shindig bonanza. Zach and Kendra of Anthology Fine Art will be our gracious hosts for the evening. This opening ceremony will most likely feature a few hip local bands and lots of hot chicks, probably some cold refreshments in the form of fermented barley and hops and most definitely a ton of the best fly fishing imagery you've never seen. Put on by The Greenbacks and curated by TFFJ's Photo Emeritus Mr. Tim Romano, this show will not disappoint, unless you don't like photography or flyfishing, in which case I'd have to wonder why you're reading this.

Nevertheless, come one, come all. Hire the babysitter invite all your buddies and bring your grandmother. And one other tip, it will snow. Bring your boogie boots because this show is basically one big snow dance with Ullr(the past two years it has dumped on opening night).


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