Remains Of A River

Remains Of A River

Posted by: Copi Vojta / added: 02.24.2013 / Back to Tailgate

"Granola Bars!!" - Kid in baby blue fleece PJ's

"For us?" - Hungry college kid behind the camera

"yeah" - Kid in baby blue fleece PJ's

In a similar fashion as Colin Fletcher and Peter Mcbride/Jonathan Watermans source to sea journeys come Will Stauffer-Norris and Zak Podmore slogging and adventuring to and fro. Remains Of A River is a fun look at the intimate and powerful ways a river will hold you, but also a reminder that our use of water in the west is not sustainable. Stay up to date with thier future projects and adventures at

Yup, no flyfishing or even fishing for that matter, just adventure, rivers, goofiness and awe.


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