Bellingham, WA – Funny Feelings LLC is pleased to announce the launch of our long-awaited The Flyfish Journal and www.theflyfishjournal.com. In development for nearly two years, TFFJ is a coffee-table and collectible chronicle of fly fishing’s icons, environments, and culture of adventure. With the industry’s highest quality printing, paper and photo resolution, limited advertising, and clean, classic design, The Flyfish Journal stands apart from the herd. With an emphasis on the landscapes, people, conservation, and less on “Five Dynamite Caddis Patterns”, The Flyfish Journal lives on well after the others have been tossed. Our website is a creative café for contributors, readers, and the fly world at large to share tales, experience bits of fly culture, check out independent projects and connect to same level of quality as our print product.

“I ran into a friend the other day who began asking me questions about the TFFJ launch”, says publisher Jeff Galbraith:

“So, you’re not really going to be doing how-to cast articles?”


“You’re not going to be doing river maps?”


“Tying tips?”

“Go online.”

“So, it’s basically going to be useless?”


The Flyfish Journal, proudly hatching in late-August 2009, features the totally useless works of Dylan Tomine, Greg Keeler, Ben Marcus, Adam Barker, Chris Santella, Claire Chounaird, Tom Bie, Kirk Deeter, Tim Romano, Brian O’Keefe, Steve Duda, Bruce Hill and other fine folk. Subscribe today, this first issue will sell out.

For more information or to subscribe, visit: www.theflyfishjournal.com.

See You on the Water.

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