10 O’clock – 2 O’clock/answer the phone – hammer the nail

With the summer stream season ready to kick into gear and wanting to shake out the dust, we invited Ed Megill of Cascades Flyfishing to come over for an afternoon casting clinic and BBQ. Doesn’t matter whether you are picking up a rod for the first outing, or if you have been running tight loops since Dick Cheney was just another drunk driver from Texas , a good casting clinic is helpful for anyone. With three racks of ribs (smoked over applewood the night before), potato salad, barley pops, sm0ked salmon and cherry tarts, this was a casting clinic for the books.

A big ups to Ed for taking the time to come break it down, give a talk about NW stream ecology and give a plug for CCA and the upcoming net dredgings. If the Puget Sound steelhead, salmon and sea-run trout have a half a chance of sustaining, it is because of the devoted work of folk like Ed who as he says, “keeps his door always open” for casting, tying, knot clinics, and discussions of conservation over a quality IPA.


BBQed Swine. Flu optional.


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