I have Cameras galore and God knows I have the stories. Let’s go catch baby tarpon, or whatever. Some of the stories are page 13, but the main thing is to put the fun back in fishing. You guys have only seen the first part of the show. Copi is going to put out some more photos, but we need to convince everyone that there is hope for this Valley. Hell, all I need is some one to hang out with me and a tape recorder. We have high definition cameras for filming this summer. I hope to be guiding and spending some time with friends and fishing with my son. I am blessed in that I have flexibility. One of my buddies from the old Taylor Creek days shot all of Davenports Ski the Fourteeners project. His uncle took a hit in Vietnam and is the most incredible paraplegic fishermen you’ve ever seen. The Real Story is how great the fishing is on the Fork, and that we have a chance to save it, and that the guides around here need the work.

This is a vehicle to help save this drainage, and we can do it. All we need is someone who can type, because I have a story to tell and you only heard about the opening Scene. God puts certain people in my life at certain times for a reason my friends, and we need a message of hope. I know for certain that we can tell this story and then the people we know or I know can take it or leave it. I need some time to laugh, as does our entire nation. I know RA Beattie and his step dad who owns Stren. Remember there are only two good fishing movies and people need entertainment. Come on over and we’ll fish and talk and take our sons to drive-in movies at the Skyvue Theatre in Delta, or the theatre in scenic BONEDALE. See if you can find the movie The Point! by Harry Nilsson–it’s a great animated film that we showed in 72’ at the Crystal Theatre.

WE CAN do this, and then we can make any kind of fishing movie we want, and we won’t have to sell scrap metal to make a living, and I can row a boat and fish. I’m already starting to book up for the summer, and what I want to do is donate more trips to charity. Remember the crux of the biscuit is the apostrophe. Let’s have some fun and make some art. I have limited powers and resources, but I have an idea and I was part of the whole show. We can do this my friends, and the time is now. I have been doing nothing but sitting at the World Headquarters and wondering what to do next. I have nothing to hide, and after all, the truth is stranger than fiction. I want to stay in fifth grade as long as possible, and time is the most precious commodity. We got a bunch of the boys from Alpine Angling on the water the other day, and they were laughing pretty hard, but they need time too.

The hog is in the tunnel, so let’s roll.

Your Crazy Friend and Fellow Guide who hates to type and loves to talk.

Live from the World Headquarters
Kea C. Hause


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