I just wrote a twenty-minute rant about crawdad traps, bluegills, and massive bass on Copi’s and my last outing, then lost it all. This is not uncommon at the World Headquarters, where, as you know, we play it fast and loose. I got some big browns to charge Zara Spooks on a fly rod but the oarsman, David Santini, got nervous after I took a couple of direct hits to the back of the head and insisted that I throw CJ Steketee’s top secret weapon—chenille and flexi floss stones. Tony is back and not a minute too soon. I have reintroduced the old t-shirt line and re-titled it Dead Drift Sportswear with the “Steal Your Fish Right Out of Your Head” shirt being the mainliner. I’ve got to do something to support my guiding habit and soon. Christ, I had to resort to selling produce the last time the economy was this bad, and I wont let that happen again. Skateboard size trout are macking caddis on the Lower Coli, and Copi and I went exploring and got a sporty fedora down Rifle way to pass the time. Don’t let the muddy water fool you, that’s when the big fish move inside. I will attempt to forward some other items of interest, but what I need is a typist. The Aspen Board of Realtors continues to solicit donations, so send help immediately.

Live from the World Headquarters
Kea C. Hause


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