Runoff is a good thing. Here’s why: it cleans silt from tailwaters out of the real rivers. It also pushes big food to the edges. Old-timers wait for big water because that’s when the beasts come out of hiding. Having been temporarily pulled from the guide lineup (even The Babe got pulled off the roster at one point), I visited with Dave York in Glenwood and he told me about a 29-inch brown he took on a dry fly last September on the big muddy. I don’t abuse the fish on my home water much, because I figure I’ve caught my share, but the fishing has been so off the hook lately, I can’t help myself. Pick any pattern you like, or ask the boys at the shop, then tie it bigger. Like rusty spinners four or five inches long. The best time of the year is now until the hatches taper. Copi and I found a pod of Bass off the I-70 corridor with a female that had to be 15 pounds—a savage but we weren’t armed properly. You wouldn’t have a prayer without a ten-weight. The Mother’s Day hatch has been cranking and the fish are still posting caddis. Or if you like to be dainty, you can fish dries on the upper drainages. The plastic Jesus will take you where you’re supposed to go. I’m planning on fishing with Tim Heng later this week and will post updates when I garner further information. God only knows how great the season will be, but I have a feeling it will surprise us. Forget about the big gangster wads of God’s money, the spiritual warfare, drop everything, and go fishing.

I’ve broken every bone in my body, and am happy to keep doing it …

Live from the World Headquarters
Kea C. Hause


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