Hustle and Fish, Total Duestche Tour 09

With the release of Rollcast Productions “Hustle and Fish” and buzz surrounding the NW producers Steve Apple and Dave Wilson’s comedic gem, the Seattle screening party was high on the radar of many Sea-town flyheads. And the turnout did not disappoint. With appearences by friends, relatives, and actors — more often than not, all three in one person — Fremont’s Nectar nightclub began serving many stiff beverages well before dusk, and by nightfall… it was on. While high-fives and meetings/greetings from the likes of Moldy Chum‘s Eric Rathbon, to Alaska West‘s Andrew Bennett, the vibe was positive and strong. Strong enough at some point, for the seemingly reserved Mr. Wilson to get pitched out of his own party. A mark of success by our barometer. There was even a reputed sighting of Al Braughtinwood’s second step-cousin Pablo Guiterrez, pro catfisherman from Sunnyside, WA, in full Bass Pro Shop gear.

The following night was the Bellingham screening at The Wild Buffalo, heretofore referred to as The Mild Beefalo. After some sunset moments down at the harbor wreckage of Bellingham Bay’s defunct Georgia Pacific pulp mill, Steve declared it a potential epic ling cod spot. I declared it an epic mercury deposit, but I’m more into catch-and-chips when it comes to ling.

Upon return and a couple of ginger-ryes, a couple of alleyway production meetings, the film began to roll only to discover that the Mild Beefalo’s AV/sound guy, heretofore refered to as Bob Rock, had connected their dusty projector to the audio such that high-pitch hiss resonated throughout the joint. Delightful. Wisely, Apple pulled the plug and the ginger-ryes/production meetings went well into the night to the raging sounds of both The Staxx Bros (James Brown meets E Street Band meets Q Tip) and later, Mad Rad (Vampire Killers meets Third Bass meets Lil Wayne). Indeed, all turned that mother out.

A phenomenal ending to a successul world tour of the North Puget Sound region.

There was also late night mention of a potential Rollcast future project involving wrecked luxury sportscars and B+ List Hollywood types. We’re in.



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