I’ve fished many places, but the small Salminus is still on my wildest dreams. Why? Because they are strong, live in freestone clear water of tropical and subtropical areas of South America, and are extremely sportive to fly fish with light rods (3-5-weights). When I was a child they were on every tiny creek of the Parana basin (the second biggest basin in South America; the first being the Amazon). Now they are rare. Pollution, big dams, and crops transformed their environment to almost nothing. Today, they are like precious stones. And the few streams that hold good numbers of Salminus, I try to keep secret. Just for anglers that know how to appreciate something remote. Fly fishing for small freshwater dorado, wet wading mountain streams surrounded by jungle. Transport yourself to another side. Imagine a small and clear rocky bottom trout stream, but filled with aggressive predators painted in bright silver (not like the famous gold body cousins). Unique places where the gold and silver slabs live deep in crystal waters. Fish with small streamers like Zonkers and Matukas, or abuse your mind with hoppers and beetle imitations. They still live there. Hidden against man. But only a few…


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