Somewhere in Baja, Mex

In celebration of Cinco de Mayo Eve, check out rogueangels.net—a solid blog site run by Kate Taylor, documenting her crew of fishergals across the globe, and in particular, the Bajan adventures that she and her man Justin Crump are charging currently. Having cut ties with Freedomland for a minute, the two are footloose with a poptop camper and an agenda that focuses predominantly on roosterfish, Tecates and a full enjoyment of La Vida Grande.

I thought I heard something about getting a boat from Brian O’Keefe and doing some chartering biz, but that may be incidental to Tecates, roosters, et al.

And before we get accused (accurately) of being part of the mutual stoke society—gotta say thanks for the FFJ shout out on her blog—the full disclaimer is that Kate sold me both a 16 gauge (shotgun, not rifle – no cape buffalo hunts planned for Whatcom County eminently) and a .410, along with countless knick knacks, flies, leader, etc. during her tenure behind the counter at H and H (RIP). And as for the cool-guy call outs – I can assure all that Kate casts better, fishes more, and shoulders less B.S. than you, me and 90% of fly nation. She definitely provides inspiration for women and men alike to get out there and follow their line.

Oh, and the two are headed for AK and guiding on the Neknak in June.

Watch for upcoming posts by Justin and Kate here at theflyfishjournal.com.



Photos: Justin Crump


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