Stripers are In

Captain Lynne Heyer of Cross Rip Outfitters (Nantucket, MA) reports that the fish are in:

Word has gotten out and folks are catching fish all around the Island. Whether it is the South Shore or in either of the Harbors, there is lots of bait and good sized Stripers. I also heard of a Bluefish that was caught. Tackle of choice seems to be Hopkins with a bucktail hook, plastics like Hogy’s or Slug-Go’s. For flies: white Deceivers, Gurglers, and Mushmouths. Get out and wet a line and enjoy our Island and bend a rod.



Read Peter Kaminsky’s: The Moon Pulled Up an Acre of Bass, if you’ve never thrown Mushmouths at dawn with Least Terns crashing bait.

Peter Matthiessen’s Men’s Lives about the East End’s long history of hard working fishing families.

David DiBenedetto’s On the Run, following the bass migration and a cast of characters from Maine to NC.


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