Important choices creep up on me and I cower, flip-floping on a decision more than a politician during an election year. Case in point, I have two opportunities, both of which tickle me in that special spot. But factors like the ever-changing weather forecasts, hatch intensity, drive times, availability of whiskey, etc. keep my pro/con scale out of whack and prevent me from picking one path over another.

The road to the right leads to Silver Creek where the brown drakes may, or may not, come off. Reports of their presence are spotty, but damn, sometimes the gamble pays off.

The road to the left leads to Montana where my buddy is waiting patiently, with an empty boat in tow, for someone to ride the receding flows and fish the first flush of salmonflies.

Tick-tock, tick-tock. Better flip a coin, best two-outa-three. Time is wasting.


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