Featured Photographer: Keith Brauneis

Photographer Keith Brauneis:

Not a day goes by where I don’t think about catching a fish. I actually have dreams about fishing.

One time, I tied up what I now refer to as the “bread pattern” fly in an effort to catch HUGE rainbows! These suckers are all over 22”! Unfortunately they had become so accustomed to being fed by kids and tourists that they wouldn’t strike a traditional fly….

Now I combine my two favorite passions, photography and flyfishing. I studied photography at Brooks Institute in California, and was taught to fish by my father and grandfather off the rocky coast of Gloucester, MA.

I live in Lake Tahoe, and when I’m not sitting at my desktop darkroom, I’m out on the Little Truckee River making photographs and searching for browns.

Keith’s flyfishing photographs can be viewed at TakeTheFly and commercial work viewed at KB.com

Kings and Tahoe landscapes:








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