Salmon Flies and Running Muddy Rivers

Another dispatch and some fine writing from the Roaring Fork Valley’s Cameron Scott:

We all know that Salmon Flies are orange, big, and induce general pandemonium. But what we tend to forget is that they are a pain in the ass. That is: they often require the use of boats, entire days
spent dodging crowds, and need plenty of sunshine. Some years I’ve had better luck with house plants.


For the weekend which began
at 4:30 am in the rain and wind
and the six o’ clock deer
tumbling over the hood of the car
because there were no salmon flies
and the two days which sat open
flattened and rose like the hood.

Now we drive back over the pass
behind the wheel of a broken day.
Rainclouds race over the mountains
and the trees rattle and shake.
We pull over twenty miles from home
since the car is still running
and fish the big muddy river,
the one that leads us back home.


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