Smolt of the Month Entries


Photog and S. American sporting enthusiast Cameron Miller sends this sturdy blackfish with the acknowledgement that “everyone wants a glo bug, even blackfish”. Indeed, Mr. Miller, whom can resist.


Joshua Mills and and a fine, fine reef snapper he battled recently in San Pedro, Belize


This is where it gets a little wacky. Were this a leopard bow from the Naknek, for sure this is smolt-qualifying. But a humpy brown, from the Battenkill? Dude, c’mon… this is well beyond smolt status. Send us something this one would eat. However, because the entry comes from one Shawn Combs, well… far be it from us to bar P Diddy.


Kermit Washington, of Boulder, CO sends in this voracious grouperesque type beast. Kermit wrangled him to shore with his 10 weight.


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