The Memorial Day Miracle

There was a confirmed sighting of the virgin of Guadalupe at the Sutank bridge in conjunction with the last of the big snow melt. The upper fork cleared in a big way and the fishing is absurd. We spent the day on a spring fed lake just outside of Bonedale and ganked big Bows on black Turks. Good scrappy fish between 18 and 20-plus inches, and not a soul around other than us and The Virgin. Some of the crew is down on the Gunny but not all of us. I like the Fork better. Dustin and Dee are seeing Agent Orange at the buff, and Santini and I are pulling of our original plans and staying close to Bonedale in order to be in front of the curve and catch the best fishing. The spirit-stiffening sessions always happens by accident, at least in my case. God calls the shots anyways, and he pitched another curve ball this spring. The Otter has been repaired and sits at the ready. Let the games begin and for the sake of the Virgin and in remembrance of the late great guide John High. Let’s keep it clean.

Live from the World Headquarters
Kea C. Hause esq.


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