Pinterdike File: Great Whites, Brownlining, and Poetry

Pinterdike File 7.23.09:


Les Pinterdike from the flyfishing salt mines somewhere in the Midwest, where we don’t have leopard-spotted trout, makos, roosterfish, or, frankly, anything sexy to hang above the fireplace, unless you count frosted Heineken mirrors or circa Charlie’s Angels posters. I’ll be logging here until I become sick of the exercise, or the editor kicks me to the curb, which has happened before. The guys who run this venture seem nice enough and consider my personal choices beyond the scope of control, which is why they want to scrape my brainwaves for your enjoyment and content “monetization”—whatever, I’ll play the game, because I think this goddamn fly space needs a kick in the proverbial balls.

Great White on a Fly:

Internet dump truck tubes buzzing about SoCal dudes flossing juvenile Great White off a San Diego bank. Hate to ruin the party, but Carcharodon carcharias is a protected species, so leave them alone. Peter Benchley marketing debacle followed by five generations of Hey! Jimmys armed with TNT and poison darts have beaten the species into submission. Note to self: 1) Still may be enough Mantled Howler Monkeys and Harpy Eagles left to shoot. 2) Head to Cabela’s for face paint and titanium-serrated arrows. 3) Pick up White Pointer flies, blood bucket, and bang stick just in case….

Fly Media (The Wasteland):

All my fly guy friends keep sending me this “sticky” fly site: FlyMediaDipshit.com

Apparently, it’s dripping with “cool” and “hip” edge, trying to scrape that mid-20s dem frothing for respect, or the mid-40s dem pining for rebirth after mid-life crisis. I guess it fills a void in the fly space that’s mostly square. The site also is built entirely in Flash, which the search engine drug dogs are trained to ignore. Percent of stupidity required for this business decision: 100.


A bunch of Fly Media Wasteland basement-dwellers have coined the term “Brownlining” to mean the practice of chasing coarse fish in urban effluent or prairie irrigation ditches. Term origin might be traced back to William Least Heat-Moon’s Blue Highways or presumably further. Dime store attempt to ShamWow another sliver of our slowly dying sport, and we shouldn’t stand for it. Have some respect. Know what we’ve called chasing carp and catfish in shitty, feces-encrusted ditches for the last 50 years? Fishing for carp and catfish.

FFJ Poetry:

Understand the writing talent is substantial, but then I’m lost from a “content monetization” perspective. Also have a difficult time dreaming in iambic pentameter. When I was still married, I attended a poetry reading at the University and can honestly tell you that a three-finger Dewar’s and fistful of black beauties was required. But hey, keep up the great work!

Time wasted thinking about this entry: 45 minutes (half-bucket of balls at driving range, couple of smokes, quick RedTube vid).

The Pain in the Ass Kid:

Henry Rollins 1995 Dutch TV Interview. Durable life lessons. Quarterly viewing required for loss of personal or business way.

FFJ Editors: We fully expect Les to incur hate mail. Please write him directly at: les.pinterdike@gmail.com


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