Denver Pro-Am Carp Slam

Will Rice informs us the South Platte’s Pro-Am Carp Slam in downtown Denver is just around the corner. The tournament is set for August 22, 2009, with an after party scheduled at Fuel Cafe.

He sends this dispatch as training for the competition is underway:

Two days ago, I took a spin on my bike and checked out the water through Downtown. It was money. I planned to hit the water early this morning, but after a wicked storm cell last night, hail, lightning, etc., the water spiked at 1,000 CFS and went to hell. It cleared a bit in the afternoon, but nothing like the previous 24 hours. I tried out a handful of new patterns and had some 7-pounders turn, follow-follow, and eat my shrimpy saltwater bugs. If the water stays put and we don’t get anymore storms, the Slam should be ON. Oh yeah, I threw at a bright orange, 6-pound Koi. The DSP is turning into an aquatic zoo.


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