Notes from Northern Manitoba Pt.1

“I bet you a bowl of poutine with extra gravy you won’t catch any lake trout on that bug rod. Not this time of year anyway.”

Indeed amigo. Nobody hooks lakers on the fly in the middle of the summer. But I’m a dumb American, so I’ll take that bet and raise you a half rack of LaBatt’s with a back of Crown, eh?

It was a tasty shore lunch, even in the rain.

Tools: Vintage Abu Garcia glass rod and a chartreuse baitfish fly.

Next up: Marauding pike chase mice.

Canadian drinking vernacular: “Half rack” is a 12 pack. “Back” is slang for any booze addition or pairing. “Wet” means you can sell and drink beer. “Damp” means you can drink, but not legal to sell. Dry is dry. Long, dark winters make for some funny booze rules up north.


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