Tailgating Splendor and the Ghostland Observatory

Rusted-out tailgating splendor along a western Montana stream brings back memories of misspent youth on similar waters that also had their banks reinforced with the remains of demolition derby 1953 Studebaker Commanders, whiskey-running 1939 DeSoto Coupes, bank-robbing 1940 Packard Super Eights, and the remains of other long-gone vehicles. Big trout like to hang out in the submerged remains of these old wrecks. This little beat is no exception, having yielded a bunch of surly browns over the years to fender-tight casts of cree-hackled Woolly Buggers. The Clark Fork just above Missoula used to have a classy run of rust outs, but sadly they went the way of developers and their cookie cutter condos. There’s still a nice bunch of battered clunkers jammed into an earthen bank over around Birney where the smallmouths are doing just fine. So how does the Ghostland Observatory figure into this trout chasing experience? Hard to say except that perhaps a derelict hipster has stared through a few too many window panes into the bright white light of flyfishing truth and come to the slightly addled conclusion that the two GLO freaks making music in Austin aren’t all that different from an old freak chasing browns in Montana….


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