Smolt of the Month — September Winner

While others are slabbing away for web glory, smolt purists from the deep South to the great green North have been stripping in their micro trophies. Often unaware until their backcast feels a touch heavy. While there have been many worthy entries for this edition of SMOTM, we simply can’t ignore brand-name scribe and shameless smoltier Bruce Smithhammer for taking it straight to the fry level. Perhaps he had us confused with our sister publication, The Fryfish Journal, regardless, Mr. Smithammer spins his smolt lore: “Attached is my offering for SMOTM, caught on the Henry’s Fork. Took a #14 Purple Haze (somehow…) and put a helluva bend in an old RPL….” Mr. Smithhammer–for a fish the size of a golf tee, you have won a fine set of Smith fishing shades, The Shelter model. So you can find the really small guys in mid-day glare. Thanks and hit us with some more SMOTM shots, Rocktober is here.


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