“Tamahawk” Jig Fly

Another original fly design from Brent Dawson of Warpath:

Check out my “Tamahawk” jig fly endorsed by Mikey Wier, Jeff Currier, Conway Bowman, and many others who dare to test its vigilance. This fly can get down in a hurry and also swims like a mother. Every time you stop your strip this bug goes head down like a fricken lawn dart. It always rides hook up and has more action than the best exotic dancer. It’s a cross between a conventional jig lure and streamer with a touch of “Warpath”. I’ve fished the hell out of it all over and had great success. Most fly fishers felt it was too extreme and wouldn’t give it a fighting chance. About six years ago I fished a striper function in the California Delta and slayed the most bass ever for my personal best (70 stripers in one day). It was then that everyone started turning their heads towards these bad boys. The variety of fish and destinations this bug has seen is endless: bass, tuna, muskie, pike, giant taimen of outer Mongolia… This fly fears nothing and hunts on its own.


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