Beer and Fish

Beer and Fish with a nod to Jaws and FishingJones:

“Show me the way to go home/ I’m tired and I want to go to bed/ I had a little drink about an hour ago/ And it went right to my head/ Where ever I may roam/ On land or sea or foam/ You will always hear me singing this song/ Show me the way to go home.”

Beer and Fish

Piaute Red, Bullhead Bronze, Old Bluegill,

Pumpkinseed Seasonal Ale, Fast Bass Malt,

Stout Trout Stout, Walleye Rye, Crappie Lager,

Pan-fish Pale, Sea Run Porter, Irish Salmon Slough,

Whitefish Whit, Poindexter Brown, Sierra

Red Band Amber, Husky Musky I.P.A.

Five Grain Minnow Mush, Fourteen Mile Reach,

Three Eyed Perch, Two Year Draught, Hanford Steelhead.

Lahontan Light, Bitchy Brook Brew, Low River Red,

Irrigation Ditch Dark, Heavy Sediment Stout,

Trashfish Tailout, Roundtail Relief, Razorback Rough,

Native Nail Biter, Non-Native Bite Nail-er, Poach n’

High Tailer, Yeast n’ Dregs, Ham n’ Pegs, Didymo

Draft, Whirling Disease Wheat, Mud Snail Slap,

Heavy Metal Headwaters, Troubled Tributaries,

Tricky Squawfish, Stalling Senators, Spectacular

Spectators, Quench Not Staunch, Save Salmon,

Save Steelhead, Save Rivers and Streams.

Flavor Savors Last Sip. Slip Slop. Fish More,

Catch More, Release More. Then Enjoy Your Beer.


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