Winter Doldrums

Stuck in the valley: winter dispatch from the Roaring Fork’s Copi Vojta:

When it starts to set in, you know something must be done, regardless of circumstances. At first it seems that there’s enough to take it’s place. In between work you bust out nasty new creations at the vice, the next Copper John. You shop for new snow pants. Buy new strings for the Flying V and break them. There are always bad photos to edit. After ten days, you’ve overdosed. It’s so close and even if you just stare, and wonder, and know, that right there, despite faceted snow banks, murderous ice flows, and thirty-two degrees, under that silver blue liquid darkness, at least the fish are there, and it’s enough. Sometimes it’s all you get. Swig and savor your ration. Hold in your hit. It may be a while.


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