Fishing for Buffalo

I’ve been slowly and steadily feeding on Rob Buffler and Tom Dickson’s Fishing for Buffalo. Tom, who now works at Montana Outdoors, just sent me a new one, recently reissued in a big, pretty, glossy edition by the University of Minnesota Press. It was first published in 1990 by Culpepper Press, but it still exceeds the contemporary brownliner’s needs, right down to recipes like “carp dumplings.” The great photos, prose, recipes, and fly, spin, and bait fishing tips of, about, and for big, blubbery carp, buffalo, sucker, whitefish, eelpout, cisco, burbot, mooneye, goldeye, redhorse, bowfin, catfish, sturgeon, gar, and especially my old Oklahoma favorite, drum, got me both hard and wet. For an old trash fish addict like me, reading it is as fulfilling and self-indulgent as smoking Swisher Sweets and Drinking George Dickel while sitting on the crapper.


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