One Can Dream

Others may fantasize and eventually execute trips to exotic locales in search of taimen, lenok, mahseer, Hucho hucho or the fearsome pygmy corydoras. All well and good, but my sights are clearly set on taking the voracious saugeye on a fly from below the Intake Diversion not far from Glendive. The saugeye is a cunningly crafted genetic mutation that occurs when a female walleye and male sauger mate. The state record of 15.66 lbs. was taken from Fort Peck Reservoir about fifteen years ago on a secret trolling lure that I’m told resembles a dwarf license plate (Montana 1973 all green) and a #2 treble hook. My pattern will resemble a yellow lead-head jig tied on a 4x long hook #4 with marabou tail. Seven weight, 9-0 rod and six-foot leader delicately tapered to 0x. April is time for this quest. While success seems highly unlikely, what the hell, it’s all in good sport.


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