Big Goldfish

Some Kind of Tip

Walking on the outskirts,

you see an eagle standing on a tire

eating a big goldfish,

still alive, wet and flipping

under the talons.

You try to shoo it off, but

the bird won’t budge.

Butch down at the Gas ‘n Go

says it’s a sign

that spring is coming early,

but he’s always talking

about things being signs,

and, as you can see,

it’s April and it’s still snowing.

When you’re guiding on the river

and the trout are hitting,

your clients tell you you’re lucky

to live here, as if that’s

some kind of tip.

After they go back

to wherever they’re from,

you wonder if they think of you

sitting here in your shop.

No matter, you’d still be

tying these flies to look

like tiny nightmares,

waiting to see the eagle

again, and hoping

this time it’s eating something

a little more appropriate?


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