Lost Jewels From The Warm Waters Of The Amazon

Freshwater permit: do they exist?

Well, not exactly, but there is one species family (Pacu) that lives in the warm, South American waters that can be compared with the permit, if we consider their strength and shyness around flies.

With round bodies, human like teeth, and powerful jaws designed to smash coconut and fruits, Pacus are an omnivorous species that love to eat fruit and flowers. What a delight for the fly tier! Bugs and small baitfish also complete for their daily menu.

This fish can be very shy on clear water and precise casts are fundamental. They are different from other fish from the same waters like dorado or the peacock bass, since they aren’t voracious predators.

The perfect fishing situation: crystal clear waters in the middle of the jungle. Pacu’s have a dark rounded body which is relatively easy to spot in clear water. Expect lots of backing out of the reel after any strike. A Pacu simply turns and puts the line on his shoulder like a marathon runner…


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