Water Pig

At least this pig wasn’t fin-hooked on a trailer…

A Water Pig Will Not Give Up

Times you bother water pigs

are times well wasted.

So spoke Uncle Walt

at the unbeknownst

edge of his grave.

Now, I choose early spring

to bother them.

That’s when Uncle Walt did.

At the end of a finely tapered

tippet, a spring water

pig will become

immensely annoyed.

Again, that’s how

Uncle Walt put it.

But as I implied,

the grave took him.

The water pigs are still here.

I’ve never seen a rainbow,

a cutthroat, brook or brown

look anything but serious.

A water pig will look funny,

especially when it’s not.

It’s scales designed for battle,

it’s mouth a vacuum hose,

a water pig will not give up.

At least that’s what

Uncle Walt said,

not knowing

at the time

that he soon would.


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