Tempura Pteronarcys

I eat bugs. I get quite a few disgusting looks when friends are around. Rarely do they join the feast. I think it started when I decided to find out what the fish were onto, although I doubt fish have quite the same taste buds that we upright walkers do. Ants are quite tangy, with a little crunch. Drakes taste like the water that they inhabit, and their wing cases can get stuck in your teeth, so bring a toothpick. Stoneflies and Salmonflies are my favorite. They are bigger, offering more nutrients when I have been wandering a river all day without a lunch.

A while back I decided I wanted to try frying some up. This is the ticket, especially this time of year when there are lots of big bugs in the willows. They are easy to catch, and free. You’ll need to bring along a plastic baggie, or some other method of containment. Fill it up with as many as you’d want to eat and share. There is no limit.

Once home, I put the bugs in the freezer for a bit to shut ‘em down, otherwise they can be quite the aggressive crawlers and flyers. Stop by your local grocer for some top quality ingredients. Vegetable oil is great for frying. Tempura batter, everything is better deep fried right? I got some Sambal Oelek and Wasabi to make a few different dipping sauces. Soy works great too. Oh, and don’t forget a cheap bottle of Sake and a few Japanese beers for a chaser. If you are squeamish, perhaps you’ll want to start drinking before snack time.


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