Midsummer Montana iHaiKu

My comrade and sometime piscine partner Fred sent a couple of disjointed dispatches from his trip east to Montana last week. He fled figuring, reasonably, that we have more run-off to go out here and Montana is, well, Montana; where a river runs through it and all. Fred is a mental health worker who spends his days trying to convince county methheads to part with their axes and come to the front door. He needed a little Fred-time.

While his propensity to turn basic participles into mistyped iPhone jibberish can sometimes lead to some fairly bizzare missives from the road — these seemed to lend themselves to more of a literati bent. Kind of a new form of cyber freeverse — iHaiKu, which follows no rules of meter, syllables, lines, spelling, English language or html formatting whatsoever.

His first dispatch proved particularly poignant for weary travelers, I have titled it:

“Hell for RVs”:

Winds 30+ from the west. 3 wt useless. 10 wt might go.

Start work
on ” small fish” today.

West montanas miserly with tent sites.

Hell for rvs though.

The next in the series is stunning both for its brevity and clarity. Titled:

“Caught a pike last night”

Caught a pike last night

A meditation on peak summer in the heart of the trout tourism country and, the challenges of pairing iPhotos with iHaiKu, it’s called:

“Fred, where are the good photos?”:

Shitty ones in the real camera.

Work on trout today.

About a zillion floats on flathead ladt evening( $ zoo)

And finally, a brilliant koan on wandering in the woods; working title:

“I Think Homeland Security is Scrambling my GPS”

Therriault lakes ne montana 6500ft maybe in canada( really)

Roll over David Foster Wallace, and tell Ken Kesey the news.


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