Smashing Meices to Pieces, Pt Duex

Been meaning to post this one for a bit: slammed at the organic media farm cranking on FFJ #2.3, which is damn near done and out the door. At any rate, in betwixt arguing over copy changes, anguishing over final photo edits and adding finishing touches, we do try to escape to the great watery world. One of the benefits of living in NW Washington is access to the variety of species: five types of salmon, two sea-run trout and one sea-run char tend to garner the bulk of attention, but there is a warmer and more turbid secret tucked just below the CDN border. With acres and acres of farmland ponds and lowland lakes, the spiny rays are a phenomenal and less-hit fishery. While the rivers continue to endure closure after closure for andronomous hatchery runs, big ass bass (both small and bigmouth) lurk in the back 40 smashing mieces to pieces. As well, the sunfish, crappie, bluegills, channel cats and reputed tiger muskies offer a break from the Skagit/Sauk swingfest.

A nice early summer bucketmouth falls for a mammal imitation in the backwaters of the Terrell Bayou. Photo by: Baron Von Robert Arzoozenhaus III


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