The Dean Carp Whisperer of the Kimsquit

Horatio reports …

We have arrived at camp on the Dean River. Accommodations are luxurious by steelheader standards, food is better than The City, and the B2 AStar ride was smooth. Water is a bit high and off color due to heatwave last week, but dropping in now. Solunar table predictions have been accurate- we are hooking steelhead. Crackered the trusty Sage 8136 on the ATV engaging in Metal Mulisha maneuvers. The 90s vintage Scott ARC 7wt rolls more soul anyway, paired with the Hardy Salmon 2. But the real story has been the Dean chinooks.

Zee German and I had suspicions about the third member of our traveling squad, “The Kid.” A notorious chinook fiend who trained for years on the Kanektok and honed his craft on tidal rivers of the Northwest. Suspicions confirmed: The Kid is indeed the much rumored “Dean Carp Whisperer of the Kimsquit”. You see, while the Dean hosts the hottest steelhead in world, even hotter chinook lurk this time of year. Hardcore steelhead aficionados derisively refer to these chinook as Dean Carp, since they take an hour to land, reducing quality steelhead fishing time. They will also break your fishing pole.

More later. Water is dropping and clearing….


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