Gulf Clean up: “Overconfidence breeds complacency…”

While the White House throws back Gulf popcorn shrimp and BP assures all the clean up is in hand and most of the oil has — like magic — disappeared, federal scientists paint a different picture. In government hearings this last week, NOAA scientist Bill Lehr confirmed that less than 10% of the oil has been skimmed or burned. The other 90% is accountanted for via abosorbtion or evoporation, but remains in the ecosystem. With many of the gulf’s longtime shrimpers refusing to harvest and bring sub-par (or worse) product to market, it is hard to buy the increasingly wavering official line that 3/4’s of the BP oil spill has simply gone away.

Also check out an interesting documentation technique by www.grassrootsmapping.com, a citizen group utilizing kites and remote cameras to show the oil is definitely there and adversely impacting salt marsh shorelines.

We need to keep the heat on this administration, NOAA, BP, Halliburton and all other parties responsible for the long-term clean up. As Rep. Markey points out: “Overconfidence breeds complacency, and complacency is what got us into this situation in the first place.” When it comes to disaster response, the Feds have sorely failed in recent memory: Think many FEMA officials have made St. Bernard Parish their home? We need to get it right this time.


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