Options, Always Options

The little fish swimming around doing their best imitation of Brownian Movement in the photograph above may be incapable of thought (not a big deal since it currently appears that most of our species is ideologically brain dead). If they pondering their lives, they might be aware of their options – flitting about haphazardly like I do most of the time, feeding aggressively in order to grow larger and increase their chances of survival, hiding from lurking predators including their own kind or most likely, realizing the eventuality of being eaten alive.

This brings me to Scott Sadil’s disturbing new book Fly Tales – Lessons in Fly Fishing Like the Real Guys. As anyone who knows me a little bit can tell you, including Andrew and Jeff, I’m set in my ways, a serious devotee of my personal order in life. Over the years I’ve winnowed my fly patterns down to eight – Woolly Bugger, Elk Hair Caddis, Sheep Creek, Hare’s Ear Nymph, Joe’s Hopper, Humpy, BWO and Chartreuse Braided Barracuda Fly (for northerns). If I can’t take fish with these I’ll do without.

Then along comes Sadil with his provocative book on fly patterns that is wonderfully written, thoroughly researched and thoughtful. So I read the work the other night and the next thing I know, without really thinking about it, I’m tying a bunch of Huevos Trujillos Single Glo-Bugs convinced that this arcane pattern will have real application on the nearby Yellowstone this fall. I’ve always liked Sadil’s books beginning with Angling Baja to Cast From the Edge (inspired work here) and Lost in Wyoming (also inspired). But with his latest book the author appears to have crossed a line into demonic influence as I’m now considering tying up a garish concoction he innocently calls My Comet – a twisted mélange that includes marabou blood plumes, cactus chenille and pink schlappen (I think I used to drink this stuff years ago). Just what I need. Now I have ten patterns to lug around. Thanks a lot, Scott.


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