With the flood of Smolt Of The Month entries, one thing is clear: Everyone catches small fish. Whether you spent $10K for the week and flew you G5 to a distant land, only to lip an Icelandic char the size of your pinky — or wandered into the back 40 to whip a quarter-sized sunfish past your head — you will find yourself standing on the bank at some point, cameras pointed at your mug and your pathetic little fish. You will smile gamely. You will say this is not my beautiful house, this is not my beautiful wife… and then you will snap out of it and say, this is my beautiful and microscopic fish.

And now that Keeler has taken it to the true microscopic level, this changes the whole idea of “inner-fishing”, but we digress…

A few fine specimens submitted to us this week for your perusal. Feel free to vote for your favorites via comment here; although this is a judged event, fan bias is taken into account. And get your own smolt moment in here, send to submissions@theflyfishjournal.com — you have to the end of the month to win your Smith shades, FFJ subscription and Tshirt. Indeed, go small, or go home.

Header Photo: Andy Howell, “I caught this small bass off of a hand-tied woolly bugger. I was fishing for the monster beside him but this little guy hit my fly and the fight was on!”

Below Photo: Previous SMOTM winner Josh Mills, shamelessly keeps the dream alive: ”

Taken from a pond in upstate NY, this brute put me way into my backing”


Below photo: Brian McClintock sends this fine and hearty smolt and says, “I think that my tiny trout on the Goundpowder might be a worthy nominee.”



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