Dirty Trick

Dirty Trick

Those trout, swimming

for days, maybe weeks,

with my flies in their mouths,

they’re the ones that got away

with a style of piercing that’s come

more and more into vogue.

When I catch them

wearing the flies of others,

I am tempted to make

simple comparisons,

but punk just doesn’t do it,

nor does shrapnel,

though I lean toward the latter.

Matching the hatch is a dirty trick,

no matter how you play it,

and for the purist,

the dirtier the better.

Without a barb,

the hook goes deeper.

I don’t mean to think these thoughts,

but once thought, they stick,

and I carry them around in my mouth

for days, maybe weeks,

before I spit them out

and keep on fishing.


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