Smolts on Acid?

With his last dispatch, piscine comrade, local soother of crazy people and friend of FFJ, Fred, runimated in iHaiku about the lack of campsites in TroutyWorld, USA during peak tourist hatch; potentially and inadertently infiltrating Canada, as well as catching a pike. Fred’s ability to transorm the now ubiquitous iPhone and attendant bad typing into a fine instrument resonating verse and questionable imagery, is stunning. This latest is another installation in the spirit of Haig-Brown, Timothy Leary and Roland Martin. For some reason Fred also included this trippy-dippy smolt shot. He’s now in the lead for SMOTM September.

We’ll call it:

Three Good Fish Refused

Threw. Good deal of money into creek;
Forceps, muddlers,
Crazy charlies etc…..
Photo covers
The mood.

Three good fish refused muddlers and were large enough to be searun.
One fresh salmon seen 9 lbs +\-.

Now off to chores relationship whatever.


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