Rainbows in Carnival Mecca?

Next winter vacation when you think about Carnival Fest in Rio (Brazil), why not escape for a few days from the most seductive fiesta of Brazil? In Brazil we have samba, pretty girls, and soccer, but we also have wild rainbow trout. One place is the hidden jewel in the mountains of Rio de Janeiro, where rainbows were introduced by Danish families in the early 1900s in a mountain creek called Macae de Cima–near the Nova Friburgo City hills of Rio de Janeiro.

This place is located 200kms from Rio de Janeiro international airport, and is not easy to find, but is totally worthwhile. The Macae de Cima creek is a mountain stream that has cool and constant flows year round–and it’s also possible to fish for wild rainbows all year round, and they are gorgeous. Reproduction is guaranteed by the perfect water.

Dry fly and nymphing techniques fit perfectly with the environment. Considering the stream is covered by a wonderful and dense jungle, we recommend short length rods. Perfect outfits are 2-4 weights. Mayflies, caddisflies, and attractors are excellent patterns.

In addition to the color and beauty on the streets of Rio during carnival, consider mixing your trip with wild rainbows. Your body and mind will thank you.


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