FWS Expresses “Jurassic Park” Concerns with GMO Fish

In a letter to the FDA today, the envir0nmental and consumer advocacy group Food and Water Watch, expressed “startling concerns” with several aspects of Aqua Bounty‘s current application process with the FDA to farm genetically enginereed salmon in the United States. In a series of emails fwd’d to Food and Water Watch by Fish and Wildlife sources, biologists express a series of critical questions which Aqual Bounty and the FDA have failed to address.

According to one FWS geneticist working on the project: “…there is no data to support the claims of low survival in the event of escape, which I agree with you all is a big concern. I also agree…that using triploid fish [which AquaBounty claim have undergone a sterilization process] is not foolproof. Maybe they [the FDA] should watch Jurassic Park :)”

Although Aqua Bounty claims their “product” to be a sterile triploid version of the real thing, by their own admission at least 5% of the population — including those which escape into wild habitat are not sterile — representing a clear genetic danger to the the wild stocks.

The FDA is closing comment on this important issue on Nov. 22 and could vote as early as Nov. 23 on the measure. Please weigh in here — also get out to your congressional representative and express your opposition to threatening the remaining wild salmon runs in America.


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