Cheap Flights to Cairo; Book your Nile Perch Trip Now!

With the Nile perch being among the biggest freshwater gamefish to avail themselves to a fly, and all the faint-hearted scurrying to the embassy… you could well have Lake Nasser all to your gringo self. Sure, you may have to brave massive protests, weird calvary-type counter protests, recently sprung prisoners, Anderson Cooper, and the other vagaraties that go along with a 30-years-in-the-making social revolution, but again… the lake to yourself.

For some basic fishing info, etc. check this link. For embassy, evacuation and airline info: check here. Sweet Mikey Weir Nile Perch vid clip here. Sample flight into Cairo, $1200US one stop, Denver to Cairo.

Bring your own dial-up modem. Rocks and tear gas provided.


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