Fred’s F@#%ing Cold iHaiku Contest winner – Fred!

Unbeknowst to local pescaphile and mental health worker, Fred, his words have been lifted once again as an iHaiku. This time as an entry to the contest inspired by his own verse on the delights of late season steelheading.

Recently, I suggested we consider the current spring turkey hunting season instead, and sent Fred off on a scouting mission to a plot of acerage rumored to be owned by a Texan currently off looking at Siberian oil fields.

Fred’s report on the snowline and elusive Eastern subspecies wild turkey, clearly merits his own work as the winning (late) non-entry. For his lack of effort, he will receive a desk prize – one Pabst Blue Ribbon promotional T-brush (in the plastic), sent by someone to someone here and somehow ending up on my desk. Congrats, Fred, a poet who didn’t know it. We’ve titled the piece:

“Clovis Points Only”

Primitive weapon season on Mammoths opens soon. Clovis Points only.

Snow is lower then it was most of the winter.

I’m trading my day job in on an Iguana control position in Boca Rutan.



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