SMOTM: Small-is-the-New-Big

The call went out and Smolt Nation has spoken; from the tribs, lagoons and retention ponds, core smoltiers have sent in their small-is-the-new-big coups from around the planet. It is simply phenomenal the speed and velocity that responses came in, as well as the diversity. Smolt of the Month may well have been helped this time around with the addition of the ultra-sweet Kleen Kanteen-FFJ colab water-of-life vessel. Get your entries in for July SMOTM, don’t let your compadres out-smolt you…


From Sean Hurley comes this fine Sierra golden: “My Father and my Son and I were catching these tiny goldens out of Horseshoe Meadows, just up the mountain from Lone Pine, Ca. I have a pic of a smaller one, but I can’t find it. This will have to do! Winner or not, It’s fun to share…”


Brian LeBars hailing from the East Bay zones says, “This one will be tough to beat. My Son Gavin and Girlfriend Nikki caught this little guy on a Kastmaster. I’m sure he’s plenty bigger now.” Indeed…. is a Kastmaster a pattern, or small shiny object flung with an open bail? The SMOTM judges may need to dig further…


Matt Bennett brings on the baitfish from the Lone Star: “I humbly present my Smolt of the Month Entry for the July Contest. I caught this dude last year while doing some fall trout fishing on our one and only (althout a bit artificial) tailwater trout fishery in Texas, the Guadalupe. I’ve been trying to diversify my species on fly a bit, so I was ecstatic to get this little guy to hand. He’s a Blacktail Shiner, and ate a #22 spanflex midge emerger.
Hope I win! Those water bottles are sweet!
Love the work you guys do, I just signed on for a 3 year sub. Keep it up!”


Jennifer Goodale tells her tale of smolt-grabbing: “I wanted to share with you my recent catch and hopefully enter it into the contest that is going on right now. I caught this baby carp on a local river near my home when I was participating in a ” Women and Wader’s” event that was organized by my local fishing club. I was actually participating as a guide for the day ( helping women understand the basic of fly fishing, from tying a knot to actually casting the rod.) I happened to be just letting my line dirft between the two of us and saw this little guy follow my fly. Next cast 2 feet in front of me, I had this monster giving me the fight of my life! He fell for a red copper john. I actually had hooked into another small trout about the same size, but just got off as I went to grab him. I hope you enjoy my entry. “


Robin Healy sends her fine sunfish in: “Caught this beast while demonstrating the superiority of fly gear over spin gear to my friend’s 11 year old daughter. I caught a fish while her mom had skunk all over herself! :)”


Dan Torres of McAllen, TX flew way North for his SMOTM: “Here is my entry….baby brookie caught on the Riviere Bonaventure in the Gaspe peninsula of Canada…baby Adams in his mouth!”


Josh England and his cuddly smolt.


Greg Hocevar says of his golden: “Caught this beast in the Golden Trout Wilderness of Inyo National Forest in Aug of 2009. He went crazy and destroyed a sz 18 Yellow Sally and put quite a bend in my 3 weight…Thank god for the lifetime warranty otherwise I would have had to stop fishing for these.”


Jason Wright notes: “This little dude was caught in Rocky Mountain National Park, fishing the braids of the Big Thompson River in Moraine Park. I used a #20 Blue Poison Tungsten, 6X leader, 7x tippet on a #3 weight St. Croix. Good times. “


Dave Hosler holding the SMOTM for the midwest: “This little guy put up a huge fight on my 5wgt, at least five jumps and two runs. He was like a mini tarpon. I’d been catching creek chubs in fast water when he smashed the hopper like it was his last meal. Caught some nice smallies that day, but this guy was the only fish that was picture worthy. The Indiana creek I caught him on is rarely fished so in a few years he’ll be a monster.”


Clay Livingston tells his gripping smolt lore: “Do not allow the seemingly ample length and girth of this smolt fool you, it was indeed worthy of SMOTM! To put things into perspective I have hands like a 6 year old girl and the photo was taken with a macro lens.”


Blogger David Nash describes his summer vacation: “How convenient. I capped off my summer solstice fishing trip by flinging this monster brookie out of the water using an 16 adams. In hindsight, I could have been a bit more delicate with my strip set.”



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