Human Consumption of Salmonflies or Noodle Pteronarcys

as advertised in volume two, issue two:
Human Consumption of Salmonflies or Noodle Pteronarcys

Last year I deep fried a batch of Pteronarcys in a boxed tempura batter mix in a friend’s newly remodeled kitchen. They were delicious. I think his wife threw away the pan I used.
This year all I had was a Whisperlite and a crude kitchen made of a few rocks piled together to block the wind. There is no way I was trying to deep fry anything with that kitchen set up.

Like Charlie Sheen, Whisperlites only have one speed, go.

What else but a few Ramen noodle packages (I have a long standing hankering for the blue, oriental flavor) per night would I, a self-proclaimed Dirtbag Fisherman/Photographer, son-of-hippies, be packing into the wilderness? I even sprung for “Top” Ramen which translates to three cents more expensive, I think. I couldn’t tell a difference. What made my dinners “Top” was the extra protein and vitamins I gathered from the bushes.

Salmonflies add texture, excitement and if your taste buds aren’t completely obliterated by the msg packets, a nice fruity character to the meal, almost citrusy. Seriously. No doubt they are as good for you as spinach. Surprisingly, no one ever accepts my offers of salmonfly tasting events and I am seriously reconsidering whom I invite next year. Bring an extra toothpick: I forgot mine and was digging salmonfly legs out of my molars hours after moonrise.


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