Felt Side Down

Another poem/photo mash up from Cameron K. Scott and Copi Vojta.

Felt Side Down

Wading in the river sometimes I wish I were a trout. I wonder how the current would feel against my lateral line. And what ways I’d learn to talk about refracting light. And what ways I could learn to taste the light. And what ways I could learn to hear the dying of the light. But I’d never want to be a trout. Brain the size of a pea, in every drift the possibility of deceit. I’d rather be a fly fisherman, even if it meant I couldn’t make a living any other way than guiding clients who lift graphite rods or plastic water bottles toward the sun that rattle around the back of my truck on the drive home. Maybe we are the ones waiting for the light to break. And the only way is to stand all the days of our lives in the current, as close as we can get to what we once were: those first moments when we learned to catch our wishes then let them disappear back into the current where they came from.

Words: Cameron K. Scott


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