Mothers Day Is Every Day

Lemon introduced me, during a summer stint rowing boats down the Snake River in Grand Teton National Park. Lemon was a damn good camp chef, who grilled great steaks and trout and was good at chasing away bears on the riverbank with his spatula. He had great taste in music too. We were driving back from a town run to Jackson, probably for deodorant or bag balm or a trip to Mountunes. Playing on the truck stereo was what has become one of my favorite songwriters. The next town trip I went out and bought a Townes Van Zandt cd titled ‘Hi Low and In Between’. Yesterday, I had a Hi Low and In Between day on the river, which is usually the case, except for these were notably more Hi, and In Between. The In Between was having several big fish in the riffles chow my fly, plow into the fast water and then cough it up while showing me some skin. The Hi was landing two gator browns on dry flies, holding twenty feet from each other. Both fish ate my fake caddis, despite their choice of billions of real bugs. We’re dealing with the mothers day caddis hatch, three weeks early and as you may know, it is full of Hi’s and Lows. As for the Low, I like to think of myself as an optimist and well, I don’t want to bring anybody down, I’ll let Townes do that.


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