Woulda, Coulda, Shoulda


If we woulda been on Abaco Island last week, we coulda had some of last week’s awesome weather, shown above. Instead of TFFJ crew, Abaco Lodge’s Marty Sawyer guides an angler over some sweet-looking flats that we shoulda been all over.

Things can sure change in a week.

We got caught out today when a hurricane snuck up on us. Within seconds it was hell and high water, with black sky, howling wind, and rain coming sideways as waves broke over the bow of the skiff. For a few heart-pounding moments it was a bit terrifying. After a jarring 45-minute ride we made it back to the dock jostled, soaked and grateful to be on dry land. Of course, because we are fish junkies within a few moments we were were staring up at the clouds, wondering how soon we could get out there again.


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