Get up, Stand up!

Photos: Fred Sears

After much anticipation, discussion and ogling interweb photos, it arrived. Buried in protective layers of shrink-wrap, foam and tape lay the object of our desire: A fully functional and completely innovative new Dragonfly paddleboard built around the flyfisher. Featuring a cooler that bolts to the deck, rod and cup holders, a splash guard, rub rails, dry storage, a displacement hull and a “13 6′ running length, the Dragonfly looked to be a stable beast built for good times.

It’s almost more of a standup flats boat that can be launched just about anywhere. While at 45 lbs, you may not be lugging it miles into alpine lakes (although strapped to a kayak dolly, you certainly could to transport a ways), you can definitely launch it solo out of the back of a truck without a boat ramp. A nice option when the Grady-White-and-Bayliner crew is rolling six trailers deep, and white upper-middle class anger is in full effect.

Although I think these are primarily designed for sight fishing in shallow waters, they work great for anywhere silent approaches and rampless launches are required. Taking it out in Puget Sound to chase cohos, I ran it around a local point effortlessly, slipping up to baitballs of candlefish and even alongside a gillnetter who took a while to notice. The coho are just starting to show in Bham and the San Juans, and I can already see this craft being a staple of fall fishing. Looking to get it out on the lake for smallmouths before it cools.

Much thanks to Mark and Jimbo at Dragonfly, for hooking this vehicle up. We look to enjoy it for years to come.

Island style: Portage, Lummi and Orcas.



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