The Best Television Fishing Show

While I can only show you the intro here, which has a pretty sweet theme song, I highly suggest searching out John Luries Fishing With John. Look for full episodes on Netflix and Hulu Plus or you could just order the complete series as a DVD.

I am no television critic, I like what I like, and this show is great. There is little extreme action events and drama, lots of a couple buddies sitting around in a boat, fishing, which is what I like. Guest celebrities Tom Waits, Willem Dafoe and Dennis Hopper round out the cast and provide star power, but it really could be you.

Memorable quotes abound:

“You like some Fanta?” – Matt Dillon

“That just looks like what it is” – Dennis Hopper

“Where’s that fish you had in your pants?” – John Lurie

“I’ve caught all my big fish on cheese” Tom Waits

There isn’t much flyfishing, or even fishing, for that matter, but thats partly what makes it great. Fishing is not always about fishing, is it?



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